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Welcome to the manual or help of the Smart Picker Pro software !

The Smart Picker Pro has been designed to help you to make your best decision by improving your decision process. The Smart Picker Pro will help you either to make the best choice amongst options or alternatives (also called actions) or by grouping options into similar and coherent group. It helps you to tackle what we call ranking/scoring and sorting/grouping problems. The particularity of the Smart Picker Pro., is that it permits to handle options, actions or alternatives which are characterized by conflicting performances on different criteria or point of views.

As a basic examples we can cite:

·        the car-choice problem where we need to choose the best car amongst several one but while considering the price (to be minimized), the power (to be maximized), the space (to be maximized), etc. Indeed, the perfect car doesn't exist... so, Smart Picker Pro. will help you to find YOUR best compromise.

·        which person is the most suitable for your job proposal considering his work experience, social skills, flexibility and motivation ?

·        you would like to buy a new cell-phone or laptop considering features or criteria such as the quality, life-time, battery, price, etc.... Which one will you chose ? How will you choose ?

·        you have several projects in the pipe-line but you would like to give them a priority ; therefore you will define for instance three groups: the highly important projects (which requires immediate actions), the average important and the less-important project (i.e. the project that may be delayed). Based on these three definitions, all your projects will be assigned to a group and you will manage completely the consequences of the delays, penalties, etc. of your projects.

·        you would like to spot which of your customers or suppliers are the most promising ones and so, with who you need to build strong relationships.... you will therefore define again groups and sort/regroup them based on several conflicting criteria...

This are examples of YOUR problems...

You are definitely at the right place ! Smart Picker Pro. will help you to tackle this problem... by its friendly user interface you will step by step model your problem and enter YOUR preference parameters.... Preference parameters ??? Yes, it will be your decision and not ours or neither that from your neighbour... therefore you will enter some parameters reflecting your preferences.... This will completely determine the final result.

Except from getting the ranking or your best choice or the groups to which each project belongs to, you will be provided with :

·        nice and easy-understandable graphs which permit you to extract fast-conclusions

·        gain a better insight in your problem by specific tools

·        easy tools to change your mind and to do 'what if' analysis or so-called sensitvity analyses

·    export tools to Excel, PDF, etc.